Pricing Coordinator Full-Time Customer Service

Company Name:
Title: Pricing Coordinator Full-Time Customer Service
Location: MA-Burlington-BURLINGTON, 53 Third Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803
Other Locations:
A glimpse at the job:
One of the most important ways we provide incredible customer service every day is by ensuring the best communication tools are in place for employees to assist customers. As a store Pricing Coordinator, you will serve as a crucial communication element and assist departments throughout the store; being sure all items, displays and end caps are properly signed with correct price tags. You will contribute to successful day to day operations and act as a communication link between the store and customer, ensuring we are always able to provide incredible service in all areas.
I will add value by:
Providing incredible service to departments throughout the store, ensuring they have accurate, well-maintained price tags and signs on shelves and displays
Ensuring the correct price tags and sales signs are hung throughout the store, verifying commodity codes during ordering to ensure accurate information is printed
Ordering, printing and laminating all signs for Dairy, Frozen Foods and Grocery departments, being sure to hang signs in correct locations in accordance with state and Wegmans regulations
Filling department orders, printing price tags on a timely basis and assisting them with any other signage needs throughout the department to ensure information is accurately communicated to customers
Correctly hanging new price tags, sale signs and end caps signs, ensuring all old signs are down, new ones are up and correct sale information is on display by 8am Sunday morning
Performing monthly store pricing audits to ensure verification of UPL tags to store scanning data
Forming relationships and maintaining open lines of communication with outside product vendors, handling any signage issues, making sure displays are signed and ensuring they are complying with state and Wegmans regulations
Assisting Overnight Grocery crew and other overnight team members to help them better understand regulations and properly communicate to the pricing office what signs and tags their departments need in order to reduce the amount of errors on the floor
Maintaining open lines of communication with team members in the department to ensure any changes or other pertinent information is shared and the department, and store, run efficiently
What abilities I must bring to the table to be considered:
Basic computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)
Provideincredible customer service, greeting customers and answering questions in a friendly manner, proactively offering assistance and providing accurate and timely information, making product/ service recommendations and accommodating special requests
Possessteamwork and diversity awarenessby listening to others' points of view and recognizing and appreciating differences
Recognize and seek opportunities forcontinuouslearningto gain new understandings, skills and knowledge
Properly handle, prepare, transport and store products; ensuringfood and human safetypractices are strictly adhered to
Possessorganizational skills, prioritizing requests and department activities while managing interruptions and attending to details to complete tasks within deadlines
Utilize resources to educate self and others about product uses and characteristics, being sure to share acquiredproductknowledge
Has knowledge of products used throughout the store and works across departments to provideknowledge based serviceto assist customers in finding complete meal solutions
What will set me apart from other candidates:
Customer service experience, preferably in a food service, grocery or retail setting
Work environment:
Work requires interaction with customers and co-workers
Typical motions include bending, reaching and repetitive and sustained hand and arm movements, including sustained grasping
Responsible for moving and lifting an average of 2 - 8 pounds with a maximum weight lifted of 25 pounds occasionally
May be exposed to various allergens
Will be required to spend time on his or her feet and stand or walk without a break for up to 4 hours
Employment at Wegmans may be contingent upon your completion and our evaluation of a physical, drug screen and/or criminal background check.

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