Hardware Developers

Company Name:
Oracle America, Inc.
Oracle America, Inc. has openings for Hardware Developers in Burlington, MA. Evaluates reliability of materials, properties and techniques used in production. Involved in all phases of product development: design, analysis, testing, hands on debug, bring up and process development using engineering principles and methods. Technical disciplines may include: electrical and logical circuit design, high speed printed circuit board design, and signal integrity analysis. Owns cross-functional issues and collaborates with other teams including mechanics, design validation, manufacturing, PCB layout, firmware and software development. Responsible for electro-mechanical parts selection, cost tradeoff, test and layout guidance, and circuit simulation. Conducts evaluations and possible modifications to sub-assemblies; specifically ensuring correct functionality and compliance for power delivery and timing specifications, for hardware systems delivered to external markets. Participates in new design definitions, as well as existing ones, and performs modifications that result in significant products enhancements. Duties and tasks are standard with some variation. Displays understanding of roles, processes and procedures. Performs moderately complex problem solving with assistance and guidance in understanding and applying company policies and processes. Utilizes graduate-level research and analysis skills.
Employer will accept Masters degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or related technical field. Education or experience must include:
1. Electronic Circuit Design, including power semiconductors based Rectifier circuit, gate drive circuit and protection circuit, design filter, using amps, DA/ADC, logic design, power converters, Interface surrounding circuits;
2. Laboratory troubleshooting skills, including using scopes, multi-meters, and soldering kits;
3. Basic control theory, including sensor bandwidth, design compensated networks;
4. Firmware development, embedded programming based on DSP, microprocessors in real time control application using C & Assembly language;
5. Knowledge of grounding techniques, electrical noise reduction, Electro-magnetic Interferences containment;
6. Software Design tools including Matlab, Labview, Visio, Schematic capture and simulation software, PCB layout software; and,
7. Familiarity with Linux/Unix Operating system working environment.
Experience may be gained concurrently.
Some travel may be required to work on projects at various, unanticipated sites throughout China.
DO NOT MAIL RESUME. Apply online by going to oracle.com and/or by clicking the link below > Careers > Open Positions at Oracle > Search for IRC2493757 > Click Apply Now. Or e-mail resume to , referencing IRC2493757.

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